Shweetness starts with you

We want to help the world find shweet experiences and deals.

A great portion of the shweetness comes from businesses.

So we decided to provide businesses with the tools to publish and share their shweet Sales and Promotions.

Our on-demand services are billed at just $1 per day (USD) for the duration chosen and at R10 per day for South African businesses.

There are no unexpected monthly bills, we measure but don’t charge for click throughs, impressions, views nor other actions and all new businesses get 10 days worth of credits to see how things work.

Getting Started

All you have to do:

  1. Create a free user account - this represents you as a person

  2. Create a free business profile - this represents your business

  3. Create a Sale or Promotion that can be shared everywhere


Your Duration + Features = Your price

  • Fixed pricing, so that you can easily budget
  • Clicks, impressions and actions are free
  • Pay as you go or buy credits in bulk and save
  • All new businesses get 10 days worth of credits

Budget Calculator


List for day(s) from publish date to end date

*Click + drag the handles above to adjust the duration

Add Features

Extra Sale Item Space

Add space for more sale items.

15 Credits

Heat Highlighter

Highlight your Sale/Promo with a frame that gets hotter in colour as more people view it.
20 Credits
Learn more

...more features to come


Item Price
List for day(s)
- Includes Space for
  12 Sale Items
*Total Credits
ZAR Total Incl. VAT R
= ShweetSpot Credits

Any questions?

We are here to help.
  • Search or browse troubleshooting topics on our HelpHub
  • Send us anĀ email.

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